Somebody walks across a room, their position changes, time passes. A distance is covered and uncovered; an act occurs. This fundamental circumstance causes no alarm or question. A basic moment for a being that is part of space. But instead of taking this for granted, what happens when our basic physical being is questioned?
    I am interested in highlighting our constant position, our fundamental physical relation to the earth we dwell upon. At the core of my work is movement. Changing position bears the relationship between a perceiving body and it’s perceptual boundaries. Experiences of distance, “empty” space, surface, movement, or the Other can contextualize subjectivity and objectivity, beings and things. In setting up material circumstances, as personal interactions or public installations, I am working to unfold the body as one’s individual partition of space, site of perception, and source of freedom.

Night Loop Glitch 

in collaboration with Rasik Srinath


-Every night in Los Angeles: a computer at 11930 Avon Way streams out a sample of electronically produced waves: first explored and organized by Rasik Srinath, then broken through a randomizing program. 

-Every day in Wroclaw: a device at SiC! gallery taps into the stream: 


bringing two spaces together

holding together night and day

melding endings and beginnings