Plastic Positioning

Performance of two people's interaction with 20-40ft piece of plastic in designated space. Variable dimensions. 2013

Plastic Positioning Concordance


Plastic Positioning
Research Document


 “Space and perception generally represent, at the core of the subject, the fact of his birth, the perpetual contribution of his bodily being, a communication with the world more ancient than thought.”
-Maurice Merleau-Ponty Phenomenology of Perception

“Among the  ... bodies (Körper) of this nature I then find uniquely singled out my body (Lieb) ... the only one in which I immediately have free reign (schalte und walte), and in particular govern in each of it’s organs.”
-Edmund Husserl, Cartesian Meditationen und Pariser Vorträge, Husserliana I

“A human body is present when, between the see-er and the visible, between touching and touched, between one eye and the other, between hand and hand a kind of crossover occurs, when the spark of the sensing/sensible is lit, when the fire starts to burn that will not cease until some accident befalls the body, undoing what no accident would have sufficed to do…”
-Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Eye and Mind

Richard Serra: Sculpture
    by Rosalind Krauss

“...the only way to approach that primordial, pre-objective world is through a use of form  that, though palpable and material --- directly engages the viewer’s body--- is rigorously nonfigurative, insistently abstract.” p. 130

“Acknowledging that vision is this “act with two facets,” the planes in Shift serve to mark both the thickness of the body and that of the world, as well as the mutual, motile engagement that is at the heart of perception.” p. 132

“Chiasma... can be used to describe a spacial transitivity, as in the mutual interaction of seer and seen --- their activity as they exchange positions through visual space, each to leave a park on the other.” p. 133

“The specificity of the site is not the subject of the work but--- in it’s articulation of the movement of the viewer’s body-in-destination--- it’s medium.” p. 140

The Thing  from Poetry, Language, Thought
by Martin Heidegger

“Thinging, the thing stays the united four, earth and sky divinity and mortals, in the simple onefold of their self-unified four-fold.” p. 175-176

“Earth and sky, divinities and mortals--- being at one with another of their own accord--- belonging togeather by way of the simpleness of the united fourfold. Each of the four mirrors in its own way the presence of the others.” p. 177


Key words
    1. Made of plastic.
    2. Capable of being molded or of receiving form: clay and other plastic     substances.
    3. Produced by molding: plastic figures.
    4. Having the power of molding or shaping formless or yielding material: the     plastic forces of nature.
    5. Being able to create, especially within an art form; having the power to give     form or formal expression: the plastic imagination of great poets and composers.

    A reversal in the order of words in two otherwise parallel phrases, as in “She went     to the country, to the town went she.”

    1. condition with reference to place; location; situation.
    2. a place occupied or to be occupied; site: a fortified position.
    3. the proper, appropriate, or usual place: out of position.
    4. situation or condition, especially with relation to favorable or unfavorable     circumstances: to be in an awkward position; to bargain from a position of     strength.
    5. status or standing: He has a position to maintain in the community.

Lacanian Gaze Diagram: